Forthcoming INSET: Using video games and storytelling in language and teaching learning French /Spanish

This INSET event is aimed at teachers of French and Spanish working in Sixth Forms and Colleges, specifically year 9 and 10, but if can be applied to A Levels students. It is informed by the new developments in the GCSE and A Level curriculum and current research evidence.

Designed as an interactive workshop, it provides a framework for introducing video games, transmedia literacy and critical analysis strategies that will help develop skills useful in Language Acquisition and Media Literacy. The event will propose a range of practical activities for embedding transmedia literacy and critical thinking into the language classroom using video games. This format is particularly effective to scaffold practice of the many skills necessary for independently analysing media contents.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Course Code

Modern languages CPD/INSET for MLF teachers

Course Date

10th November 2018

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