The New Approaches to Transmedia and Language Pedagogy Project aims to create teaching materials based on a mix of cultural artefacts (i.e. short films, video games, etc.) to broaden visual, translingual and transcultural competences, creativity and storytelling skills.

It comprises two sub-projects:

  1. The teacher training project aims to evaluate current practices, curriculum requirements and teacher training needs regarding the use of visual and media culture in language teaching in secondary schools and HE in the UK. One of the goals is to plan and deliver innovative teacher training courses (INSETs and CPDs) and staff development opportunities, including PGCert curricula.
  2. The transmedia project aims to bridge the gap between transmedia and L2 studies, both in secondary and higher education. This project has several interrelated goals: 1. exploring the digital, media and visual skills of the Millennial and Generation Z and their cultures; 2. examining how transmedia projects can provide opportunities to substitute or complement traditional modes of L2 learning and teaching, and assessment; 3. testing new learning scenarios that allow for the development of innovative student-centred educational practices, and the implementation of collaborative strategies that ultimately meet the 21st-century students’ needs and future job skills and profiles.